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Optimize your ecosystem with The Resource Navigator®

How do your entrepreneurs and small businesses find help when they need it?

Do they bounce around search engine results, trying to figure out which resources might fit their needs? Or maybe they wade through endless online lists of outdated contact information, only to end up at the wrong resource for their business stage and challenge?

And just how many jobs, innovations and small businesses stall at the gates or falter before the finish line because those entrepreneurs and small businesses owners don’t even know that help exists?

The Resource Navigator

Make entrepreneurship easier

Resource Navigator® is an entrepreneur-friendly, online database that organizes your community’s resource partner programs. Entrepreneurs go online, answer just a few questions about their business stage and need, and find a local nonprofit with the specific resources they need.

Resource Navigator® makes the small business resources in your community visible, relevant and accessible.


Here's how:

  • Create an efficient and effective network for entrepreneurs.
    We give you tools to map your business development organizations and bridge the gaps in those services, helping you create an effective and efficient resource network of small business resources.


  • Update once, update everywhere.
    Resource Navigator’s online database helps you keep your small business resources, their services and their contact information current.
  • Make your resources accessible to each entrepreneur’s needs.
    Give your entrepreneurs and small business owners a customized list of resources tailored to their needs, location and business stage.